Our not-for profit site allows budding brain researchers to get financial help for the most innovative and cutting edge projects they can dream up. Browse student campaigns by clicking on the Donate button above. For each $20 of support, you will have the opportunity to name a neuron in the 3D brain below. Your neuron will remain in the brain with whatever name you choose to give it. It is yours to use, and who couldn’t use some extra neurons?

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Michael Zions

Needs A 3D Printer

Kunzah Syed

Needs Glassware


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Our Approach

Research costs money. Brainy.ac removes barriers to answering important questions about the brain. Students who study brain and mind are often limited by financial needs for supplies, equipment, or other resources required to carry out and share their research. By supporting these needs, you will help provide a strong foundation for the top neuroscientists of tomorrow, and move us closer to a complete understanding of the brain.

Our Pledge

We pledge that 100% of the money you donate will go directly to the student researcher and the financial need they describe. Brainy.ac’s backend is maintained separately with the help of corporate donors and angel investors. Their help paves the way for us to provide a direct-to-student connection for your funding.

Our Goal

The goal of Brainy.ac is to be a dependable source of funding for students who study the brain. We also hope to be a source of information and education for the public. You can learn a whole lot about the brain by just learning about the ways that students study it. We hope you spend some time browsing the diverse projects our talented students have dreamed up. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to become a Brainy.ac too!